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Ether Site Song Of The Year voting – VOTE NOW!

Song of the Year 2010 voting has begun!

From today, you can vote for your favourite Turin Brakes Song of the Year! The procedure is simple: select your 10 favourite songs and e-mail them to me. I count the votes and together we’ll pick the Song Of The Year 2010. For more info check this page (there you can also find the official e-mail form). Please select the songs you CURRENTLY enjoy the most (not necessarily your all-time favourites).

If you decide to join, you might be the winner of an original Ether Site t-shirt. Yes. It is AWESOME!

To see a list of what songs you can pick: check the lyrics & tabs section (cover versions don’t count). So any song from The Door to Outbursts, that was written and recorded by Turin Brakes. If you accidentally choose a cover, don’t worry, I’ll get back to you for a replacement song. You CAN vote for different (released) versions of the same song, i.e. Stone and Stone Thrown.

Closing date is 31st December 2010. More info here. Last year’s list looked like this.

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