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Ether Site Song Of The Year 2010 results

First of all, a happy new year to all of you (a bit late, I know…). 2010 has been a good year, for Turin Brakes fans. The year ended with a exclusive Christmas cover from the boys (White Christmas) and a new blog:

(click to enlarge, eh!)

The blog promised lots of new activity from the band in 2011, including work on a new record and more fun. The first of those fun things is happening in April, with a gig in Liverpool (see here).  Let’s hope we’ll get more of these gigs while album writing and recording get underway.

As I said, 2010 was a good year with a brand-new album and a nice new single. Sea Change may not have hit no. 1 in the charts, but it was a hit amongst gig attendees and Turin Brakes fans. The free-spirited music on this particular song, with African drums making a live appearance in combination with the serious lyrics, breathed new life into a band and kicked off a great new gig year. I can know, because I attended 5 gigs in 2010 and none of those were less than “really good.”

We almost got another single in 2010, Rocket Song, promos were send out and the song was supposed to get a digital release in May, but this didn’t happen. What did happen was that the band performed this song (and Mirror) without amps on their tours. This resulted in quite intimate moments, different every time. And after the main set, Olly walked back on stage to sing Outbursts, possibly the most personal and upfront track of the band to date.

The band really went “all in” this year, both on record and live on stage. I’m very happy to report that this is all reflected in the Song of the Year results. For the first time since the contest is held (in 2006), we have a song of the year that was actually released in the year itself. Not only that, but the no. 2 is also a song from Outbursts. The new album got a whole lot of love this year and with an overwhelming amount of points compared to the rest of the top 10, I’m happy to announce that the Ether Site Song of the Year 2010 is:


Now here is the full list:

01 The Sea Change

02 Outbursts (most popular non-single track)
03 Dark On Fire
04 Underdog (Save Me)
05 Rocket Song
06 Feeling Oblivion
07 Painkiller
08 Mind Over Money (2009 winner)
09 Apocolips
10 Future Boy
11 Never Stops
12 Embryos
13 Fishing For A Dream (2008 winner)
14 Stone Thrown
15 The Road
16 Ether Song
17 Forever
18 State Of Things (2006 winner)
19 Long Distance (2005, 2007 winner)
20 Blue Hour
21 Other Side
22 Slack
23 Loopa
24 Mirror
25 Emergency 72
26 Ghost
27 Jackinabox
28 Where I’ve Been (XFM Acoustic Version)
29 Last Chance
30 Rain City
31 Average Man
32 The Optimist
33 The Invitation
34 Stalker
35 Here Comes The Moon
36 Eveready
37 Radio Silence
38 The Letting Down
39 Love Is All You Deserve (most popular non-album track)
40 Red Moon
41 Bye Pod
42 The Door
43 Self Help
44 Paper Heart
45 Full Of Stars
46 Everybody Knows
47 Building Wraps Round Me
48 Capsule
49 Will Power
50 Come and Go
51 For The Fire
52 Little Brother
53 New Star
54 Rise
55 The Seagull
56 Time Machine
57 Clear Blue Air
58 Jet Trail
59 Lasso
60 Bright Golden Lights
61 Last Clown
62 Nine To Five
63 Above The Clouds
64 Balham To Brooklyn
65 Over and Over
66 Starship
67 So Long
68 The Boss
69 They Can’t Buy The Sunshine
70 Timewaster
71 Real Life
72 Cumulous Clouds
73 Something In My Eye
74 Falling Down
75 Panic Attack
76 Asleep With The Fireflies
77 Road To Nowhere
78 By TV Light
79 5 Mile (These Are The Days)
80 Brave New World
81 Invisible Boy
82 The First Time
83 Where’s My Army
84 Endless freeze frame
85 America
86 Heaven is a Clear Horizon

Based on the above results, Outbursts is the most popular album right now:

01 Outbursts
02 The Optimist LP
03 Ether Song
04 Dark On Fire
05 JackInABox

It will be interesting to see the results in a year’s time, see how Outbursts is holding up!

This Year

Now, 2011 will most likely be quieter than 2010 was, with the guys still working on new projects, but we’ll try to keep everything going on here.

  • In April the band will play their first gig of 2011, with hopefully more to follow.
  • Ether Site will pay tribute to the ten year anniversary of The Optimist LP on 5 March 2011, for which I’ll need your help. More on that later!
  • Former TB support act Pete Lawrie will be releasing a debut LP, with a possible guest appearance for Turin Brakes (also, more on that later).
  • There’ll be more free bootleg downloads coming up on this site.
  • I’ll be launching a new Ether Site this year. If you have nice feature ideas, get in touch! Work is still very much in progress.

So here’s to 2011, may it be a good year! Thank you for visiting the site in the past year, I hope you guys keep on coming back in 2011!

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