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More on that video shoot

Some new bits and pieces about the video shoot with Philip Bloom have been released to the world. Philip Bloom will work with the peeps behind Canon Filmmakers and according to Philip, the song they’re making a video for is an all-new track:

Can’t wait till Sunday. @the_real_tb (turin brakes) have a wonderful new track that we are shooting a video for on AF101. Great location

Now, this can still very much be a cover, but Olly tweeted this last week:

Working at the Studio was great today http://twitpic.com/3p6qbx

The picture shows the lyrics to the Talk Talk song Ascension Day. This implies that O&G recorded a cover version of this song. If the whole world consisted of conspiries and Da Vinci Code like clues, we could now put 1 and 1 together and conclude that they will record the video for this song, but we definitely should not rule out the chance that they HAVE recorded a new song which will make the new album (or not). It would be a good start of 2011 for sure.

Wait and see, we shall.

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