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BREAKING: new Turin Brakes video: ‘Ascension Day’

Philip Bloom has uploaded his new video for Turin Brakes to his website. The band recorded a new song for it, Ascension Day (originally by Talk Talk).

Ch-ch-check it out:


Philip Bloom has uploaded a HUGE load of info on the video on his website. This includes a lengthy audio commentary on how the video came about as well as why each frame is where it is. 😉 The blog post also includes some commentary by Olly:

‘We have loved Talk Talk’s work for years, especially the final two albums but have never dared tackle their intricate and difficult music ourselves. However with the spirit of a new year ahead and the suggestion of a future Talk Talk tribute album of which we were to provide a track we decided to do our own version of “Ascension Day” and instead of competing with the hugely layered original we felt a “demix” was the best approach, something that played with silence and space and allowed the truth of the song to stand out loud and proud. Phil has echoed this sentiment with the video for the track…. He knew we had no money and no time and a tiny crew so he took those limitations and managed to create something larger than the sum of those parts, avoiding any tricks or linear narrative he’s allowed the song space and time to breath. This is NOT the language of the majority of music videos and after making at least ten of them over the years with budgets bigger than most people mortgages and all the ball aches that come with that and major record label involvement it’s safe to say this has been the most refreshing and creative video experiences to date and we hope it’s just the start…’

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