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New short film: Perpetual Motion

Remember those old Turin Brakes b-sides on the 72 and Mind Over Money singles? Weird instrumentals like Tunnel and Sunjets/Heavy 2? What would these soundscapes be like when you had video footage to accompany it?

Well, we may never know, but Rachel Knights (Olly’s wife) edited a short film of the band on tour through the USA last Summer. The footage (filmed by the band themselves) sees the band driving and relaxing: capturing the relaxed moments of the touring life. It features some lovely shots and moods. As a bonus, the band provided some music for the film, which is indeed similar to the old instrumentals the band used to do. As the commentary puts it:

A subtle trancy travelogue movie shot during Turin Brake’s recent USA tour for their “Outbursts” album,

Using a GH1 camera, tripod, slider and just two prime lenses the band capture all the in-between moments usually forgotten and left to drift down the road….

Soundtracked by the band and Edited together with Rachel of I Do Films please sit back and chillax for 25 minutes….

Check out the video below… It lasts for over 20 minutes, so have a drink and relax. Let the sound and video absorb you and take you away and drift to better days.

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