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Reminder: Calling all Optimists!

Ether Site is still looking for more contributions to the brand new Optimist Gallery. I’ve already got some great contributions but more is better! See below for details:

March 2011 we celebrate 10 years of The Optimist LP. Ten years since Turin Brakes Mercury Prize nominated debut was released to the world. To make this birthday a memorable one, I want your stories, photos, videos, recordings and everything else TB-related that we can share on the website on a special page.

Starting 1 March 2011 I want to publish as many of your Turin Brakes stories, photos, videos, setlists, anecdotes, ideas and things. How did you stumble across The Optimist LP (and the band)? Was it the first Turin Brakes album you heard? Did you hear Underdog on the radio in 2001 or did you make your way to the debut record via all other TB albums? Did you see them live in 2001? Do you have photos of our then still young heroes? Did The Optimist change YOUR life? Please share your stories. An album, and a band, CAN change your life and it’s okay to share!

Please get in touch and send your stories to Ether Site! is the way to go! Whether you’re a fan, a band member, a roadie or “accidentally” added Mind Over Money to the playlist of too many parties, tell us your stories. Ether Site is calling all Optimists with their stories and art. If you’re not a good writer, that’s ok… You can draw, make a short film, record an audio clip / cover version of your favourite song or tell us in any possible way what The Optimist LP means to you.

I want to start sharing stories on 1 March 2011, but the plan is to make the Calling All Optimists Gallery a permanent one, so feel free to send in material at any time (though it would be good to have some material to start with on 1 March)… Feel free to send in anything you like to or send your questions first if you’re not sure how to go about this. I know there’s stories out there, I’ve heard many through the years… All is welcome.

Calling all Optimists! Let’s make March 2011 a month full of Optimistic stories, photos, audio, video and art!

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