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Listen again (download) TB @ Resonance FM

Turin Brakes did an hour long radio on Resonance FM tonight. They made an hour long show on the influences on their debut The Optimist LP and interviewed TB drummer Rob Allum about his new High Llamas album (and played a song from the new album). Besides that, they opened the hour with a demo version of Feeling Oblivion (previously unheard at least not by me) and performed an Elliott Smith cover live. Also featured: a longer version of the song they made with Henri Gaobi for the Adidas commercial last year.

If you missed or had troubles streaming, here’s an hour long MP3 unedited and uncut. There’s two or three minor hick-ups in the stream but overall it’s pretty good listening – especially late at night I feel… I’ll make a highlights thing later.

Download the full thing here. Unfortunately the web stream is only “average” quality. Let’s hope we’ll get a proper high quality version of the Elliot Smith song and the Feeling Oblivion demo at the very least some day… 😉

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