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I don’t think this is a usual way of getting into a band, suffice to say that if it were not for Turin Brakes I probably would not be here today. (yes its initially a tale of great woe). Anyhoo on with the saga……..

My first encounter came about 1999 or so, It’s hasy back then. I was laid up on the sofa at home, I was not physically ill. I’d gone through quite a tough time. I’d nursed my Dad through cancer and he had died leaving me totally and utterly devastated. My Dad was an amazing man and not a day goes by now when I don’t think of him.

I had also found out that I was pregnant at the same time my Dad was dying, so my head was all over the place and it didn’t help that some well meaning people were trying to comfort me with statements such as “Well one in one out” and other phrases to that effect.

George was born shortly after Dad dying, and coupled with the already overwhelming grief I also sank further into a postnatal depression, it was bleak and I know I did not want to live…………… Read further it gets better from here on in. I dont mean to bring the vibe down……….

So back to the sofa. I think I spent about 3 months on that sofa. I didn’t talk to anyone I did nothing, People came and went. Everything was left to Chris bless him. As a result I have no memory of Georges first months.

I was laid there one day just flicking through the channels when I had tuned into the middle of the Mind Over Money video, just at the bit when the wind blows Olly and Gale to dust and they blow through the trees along with “That chorus” It was like a switch had gone off. I dont remember there being any information at the end of the video so I was just left with that image and the chorus going through my head and do you know what? I made it my mission to find who had written that song and starred in the video. It was just the tonic. As well as me getting off that sofa that day, I began to bond with George and get better and better all the while with Mind over Moneys chrous going through my head.

2001 saw me and a friend at the V festival, we were festival geeks and had written an itinerary, a complex list of the bands we were going to see. I remember that they kept playing Trains Drops of Jupiter video on the big screens inbetween acts and also Mind Over Money. I still had not found out who Mind over money belonged to but even about a year and a half after first hearing it, it still found its way into my head and I was still looking until then……..

Whilst it was playing I asked a guy stood near us if he knew who it was. He said TURIN BRAKES then informed us that they were playing that day. I told my friend that I didnt care who we missed on our list I had to see them so I dragged her to their set. It was amaing and I had finally found out about Mind over Money.

I got off the coach after V and with my camping gear and festival mud still plastered to me I bought the Optimist lp and began to live………..


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