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The Optimist Gallery: Sue from Germany


I’d never consciously heard of Turin Brakes – neither the name nor the music before I went to see Travis live in Dusseldorf in November 2001. (I’m English but live in Germany.) Turin Brakes were supporting them and as these 2 young guys came and – if I remember rightly – sat on stage with just their guitars I thought something along the lines of “Oh God, this doesn’t look very promising. I hope they’re not going to go on for ever. I want to see Travis!” Absolutely seriously though … within about 5 mins. I completely adored their sound and was utterly hooked – a fan! After their set had finished and they left the stage I was really disappointed. Whether you believe it or not, after about 1/2 hour of Travis, I wished they’d leave and let Turin Brakes back on – it’s true! Shortly after that I bought The Optimist LP, and have bought all others since. I finally saw them live again in a tiny, intimate location in Cologne (Germany) in April last year – I had such a great night. I adore the music, lyrics, everything – they touch something inside me and I think they walk on water basically!

Dept. of English Language and Linguistics
Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf

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