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Back in 2001, my cousin and I were big fans of The Stereophonics and I mean BIG. We knew the words to ‘A Thousand Trees’ and everything! You were supporting them on their tour and I remember being in a small venue as they were playing ‘intimate’ gigs prior to their stadium tour.

After arriving at the venue, possibly Wolverhampton Civic Hall (?) we grabbed a beer and the conversation went something like this:

Cousin: Who’s the support
Me: Erm……(looks at ticket) Turin Brakes?
Cousin: Never heard of them! Want to see what they’re like?
Me: Erm…..not really.

So we drank more beer and at 9pm made our way inside to dance, sweat and jump about to Kelly and the boys. We could so easily have wandered out of there and never had heard of you again….fortunately an enthusiastic man thrust a cassette tape into my hand containing some of your songs. It got thrown into the glove compartment of the car where it stayed for a few more weeks, until one day I was looking for a pen and there it was. So I thought I’d give it a listen.

The next day I rang my cousin and the conversation went a bit like this:

Me: Have you played that tape yet….the one from ‘The ‘Phonics’ gig?
Cousin: Tape…did we get a tape? Oh yes…that tape…no! Why?
Me: It’s ace….listen to it now!
10 years later ‘The Phonics’ have fallen out of favour with us but ‘The Brakes’ are still going strong. Thanks for inspiring us, making us smile, making us cry but most of all making us happy!

‘We love you Olly and Gale’ *Scream*

Andrea 🙂

P.S Attached are some grainy pics from last year’s Mosely Folk Festival:

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