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The Optimist Gallery: Anna C.

I saw that you are commemorating 10 years since the release of The Optimist LP and I wanted to write and let you know my memories of TB during this time.

I was introduced to the music of Turin Brakes by my friend Rebekah. The first time I saw Turin Brakes perform was in the coolest music venue I’ve ever been to in San Franscisco. Bek and I and our partners were travelling around the west coast of the States and we changed our itinerary so we could arrive in San Franscisco a day early just so we could see TB perform. It was a magical venue, like an old fashioned theatre. The gig was fantastic and I’ve been hooked on them live ever since. I have now also seen them play in Canterbury, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London and Canary Wharf. Twice I’ve gone on my own and I will go every time I can see them live because they are mesmerising to hear. It’s fantastic that they’re still making all this amazing music ten years after the release of The Optimist LP. Here’s to the next ten years!

I also have some great HD videos from Canterbury and Canary Wharf including these from The Optimist LP.

The whole of Emergency 72:

And some of The Door recorded at Canterbury

Want to contribute to The Optimist Gallery? Send in your stories, photos, videos and memories to! Tomorrow we’ll look back on the music video for the first ‘Optimist’ single: ‘The Door’.

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