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The Optimist Gallery: Rich N.

I remember vividly the first time I saw Turin Brakes live. It was In November before The Optimist LP was released, and I’d never heard of them before. I was in Bristol during my gap year and visiting friends to watch Doves live – I’d just got very into their first album. We arrived at the gig relatively early but one of my friends didn’t think it would be worth seeing the support. I disagreed – I’d travelled over from home and wanted to get all the live music in that I could. S

So we went into the main Anson Room just in time for 2 fairly shy looking blokes to wander on stage and sit down with 2 acoustic guitars. They launched into the first track and within 30 seconds I was tapping my feet in time to the tune. 3 tracks later, my mate lent across and said “You know what, these guys are pretty good!”. I made a mental note, and when their first album appeared a few months later I went straight out and bought it. And I love it still!

So thanks guys.


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