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The Optimist Gallery: Andrew Dolan

I can remember hearing mind over money for the first time, I was working in a bar and it was playing in the background.  I was trying to concentrating on what needed to be done, but try as I might this song just kept forcing thought from my head.  Just making me listen to the lyrics in perfect detail, then that drum attack before ‘the chorus’ hits you like the full force of the sun.

It’s not just about the discovery of The Optimist for me, it’s about the companionship, stability and ‘optimism’ that this album has continued to give me over the past decade, It keeps my head screwed on, and helps me take life with a pinch of salt.  If ever I need a place to go to sort my head out, I can guarantee that it will be playing in the background.

I hope it stays my friend for many more decades to come.

Andrew Dolan

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