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The Optimist Gallery: Lee’s rocket

I thought I would send in this photograph composition I created a while ago as the whole idea was inspired from the sleeve artwork of ‘future boy’ from the Optimist LP.

It did involve building a 5ft cardboard toy rocket – which was actually a lot of fun, although some of my friends thought id completely lost the plot!…oh well!

(click to enlarge)

I ended up having to take many photographs and then it was a case of putting them all together. I think there’s about 10 shots in total, mainly of the starry sky. Anyway after a bit of editing I ended up with this, hope you all like 🙂

Turin Brakes have been a constant soundtrack for me in the last 10 years but I never got to see them live until last year at the Moseley gig. It was a beautiful evening, the sun was setting behind them as they played their set, it was all very perfect. Definitely worth the wait.

Check back tomorrow for The Optimist story from a very special Optimist! 😉


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