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Musicwood the documentary is looking for funding

Last year we reported about Musicwood, a documentary about the over-logging of forests that are also used for acoustic guitars. This project is now looking for funding via Kickstarter. Anyone can join in. At Kickstarter you can watch the trailer for the documentary which not only features a brief glimpse of our favourite acoustic duo and bass player Ed, but also features them jamming an instrumental Painkiller loop throughout the trailer.

We are hoping to complete the film by Fall 2011, and then use the documentary as the centerpiece of a bigger campaign to slow the rate of logging and spread the word about how forests can be logged sustainably.

Pledging 25 dollars gets you a download of the film by the time it’s finished, pledging more than 1000 dollars earns you a credit as Associate Producer + some nice goodies. They’re looking to raise 20.000 dollars by June 24. So if you ever want to see the documentary get finished and think this is an important cause, feel free to visit Kickstarter here and read more about the project.

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