Previously unreleased Pete Lawrie collaboration available

A new collaboration with Pete Lawrie has been made available online for free by the singer/songwriter.

Earlier this year, Pete Lawrie released his debut LP called A Little Brighter. The album featured Olly’s guest vocals on Paperthin. Since then Pete Lawrie has started work on a new record and to start with a completely new slate, he’s uploaded all of his home recordings online.

One of these so-called home recordings (the quality is actually rather good) is a song called It Was You In The Picture, which was previously unreleased. Listen to it below and then head over to Pete Lawrie’s blog to download the full 27-song-collection. Also included in the collection is Oh Lover, a previously released collaboration with our beloved band.

It Was You In The Picture is a slow-building song that really starts to kick in after 3 minutes:

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