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Virgin re-release The Optimist with JackInABox

Oh joy. I guess it was to be expected EMI would cash in on The Optimist LP  tour, but no… We’re not getting a deluxe edition with the demos and b-sides from that era, not a limited awesome edition featuring secret awesomeness… No. We’re getting a “Virgin Budget” release with the UGLIEST cover in ages, that combines The Optimist LP with JackInABox.

Amazon says it contains 3 discs, but the sleeve talks of two. Interestingly, the Jackinabox cover is the limited edition one. The tracklist however, is the regular edition, including secret track Ambient 2 (which is now not so secret). The ‘boxset’ is available at Amazon.co.uk for 5.41 GBP. Which indeed is a bargain, I guess. Click here to pre-order.

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