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Turin Brakes announce new Xerox EP, launch new site shop

So some big news today! Turin Brakes have confirmed the new Covers EP on their site, by giving it a title, Xerox, and updating their website with a webshop were said EP can be pre-ordered – along with some classic merch from over the years!

Getting ready to play the entire Optimist LP album . Are you getting ready to hear it live ? Come along and join in , we might not do it again for ten years ! Also, we’ll be taking a small EP on the road with us called XEROX featuring new song ” RESCUE SQUAD ” and a version of “CHIM CHIM CHER-EE” from Mary Poppins thats already been aired a few times on the Radio 2 ( it might also be on that audio player down there !)

In another blog post – finally – the band reveal more about the tour and the EP:

As I mentioned on the previous blog its the 10th Anniversary of The Optimist LP and we are heading out on tour to play the whole album from start to finish , in the style of the Optimist LP.

We have recorded a small EP that will accompany us on the tour – 3 covers and one brand new track . We’ve called it XEROX and I guess it will be the second release of our label The Complete Atomic .

Our friend Mr Dermot O Leary has been playing a song from it on the Radio 2 – a version of sinister classic Chim chim Cheree from Mary Poppins which we’ve put up on the Audio player for those of you that can’t wait till the tour .

We can’t wait for the tour – we plan to run through some other non Optimist tracks by the end of every night – it has been a fruitful 10 years !

And we’re just hatching the next 10 year plan for the future …

we are now @theturinbrakes on twitter ,

keep your eyes peeled for the new web store that will be appearing anyday now .

fingers crossed all this technology holds together . tho my brains falling to bits after fiddling with that audio player …

So you can now listen to Chim-Chim Cheree on the audio player at tb.com. As I said, the new shop is live right now. The listing for the EP reveals the following cover and tracklist:

1. Chim Chim Cheree (Mary Poppins cover – YouTube)
2. Rescue Squad  (new original song)
3. Rikki don’t lose that number (Steely Dan cover – YouTube)
4. 74-75 (The Connells song)

Pre-orders will be sent out when the EP is released next Monday (7 November). Also available in the music section are old EPs like The Red Moon EP and the previous cover ep and the previous studio albums. In the Merch section there’s a selection of merchandise from the past ten years for mostly reasonable prices.




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