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Listen again: Turin Brakes join Roger Day, play Rescue Squad!

So, The Optimist LP live tour has been getting rave reviews so far. Feel free to send in your reviews, photos, videos, comments and recordings if you want to share them on Ether Site! Besides the album, the band play a string of hits like Fishing For A Dream, Painkiller, Dark on Fire, Mirror and Long Distance. This means the band are on stage for about two hours. Nice, isn’t it?

Please be aware that tomorrow’s London KOKO show starts (and finishes) early! Make sure you get there on time!

Last Tuesday BBC Kent (and others) aired a pre-recorded session with Turin Brakes. The guys talked about the band (although Roger Day seems to think the band have been going 20 years), the classic album they’re touring right now and played classic Underdog (Save Me) and new track Rescue Squad. The session is struck about over two bits but can be listened to here. The interview (and Underdog) start 38 minutes in (after the traffic).

Later on in the show – at 1 hours 4 minutes – the band talk some more (why they’ll probably never support Take That and that they’re still signed to Cooking Vinyl for the next LP) and play new track Rescue Squad (at 1:10), which is on the new Xerox EP. There’s some – let’s call it… “free-styling” at the end, but it’s still very nice :).

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