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Official ‘Chim Chim Cheree’ video

Philip Bloom (who previously worked with the band on Ascencion Day) made a video for Chim Chim Cheree while the band are on tour. So the band are not in it, but the video is a real nice piece of work. It was shot in Amarillo, Texas.

Liner notes:

A familiar song covered in a beautiful haunting way by London band, Turin Brakes whom I worked with on the music video Ascension Day.​18956665
Since then, between stealing my lenses for his GH2, singer Olly Knights and I have been concocting a way to work together again on a video. My crazy schedule has made this difficult…we will soon though…in the meantime he sent me this track from their new EP “Xerox” which set off all sorts of ideas in my head. I couldn’t have the band in it as they were on tour in the UK with their THE OPTIMIST: Live tour so I threw ideas at Olly to see what stuck..I wanted to capture some haunting images and this came to mind…It may technically be a music video but this is real. These people are real. The situation they are in is real.
Read more on my blog here:​chim
You can buy the EP: Xerox here:​xerox

You can donate to the two missions in Amarillo, Texas who helped us make this. Please help them and the people they help!

Shot on the RED EPIC using Canon L series Lenses.
Thanks to Vicky Taylor-Gore


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