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Song of the Year 2011, and a happy 2012

Happy 2012 everyone! (yea, yea, a bite late… I know…)

It’s been a good year when it comes to Turin Brakes. Besides the hugely successful Optimist Anniversary tour we got a lovely new EP featuring new song Rescue Squad and some brilliant covers (and remember Ascencion Day?). And there were some nice Summer festival appearances and little gigs that kept Ether Site active all throughout the year – and band activity makes it more fun for me to do this as much as possible. The band reached out yet again in 2011, with Olly providing backing vocals for Matthew Ryan and the band doing two radio shows for Resonance FM, amongst other little creative projects. Let’s hope they keep on doing that this year because it can bring out surprising sides of our guys!

Now OBVIOUSLY we want the band to release a new album this year, but they let slip in recent interviews that it might be a while before that happens. They don’t just want to do another album for the sake of it, but we will get one at some point. Cooking Vinyl is set to release the follow-up to Outbursts, and I think I’m speaking for most fans when I say: “GET TO WORK!!!!!”


Hopefully there’ll be more international tour dates like the one in Iceland that’s coming up soon. The rest of the world is waiting for Turin Brakes to bring The Optimist and other classic works to their shores… So hopefully, some intimate gigs can be scheduled in 2012. And hopefully, 2012 will bring some kind of new work. I really loved the second covers ep and hope the band can make some tradition out of it, to do little EPs with surprising things on it.

So that leaves me with revealing the song of the year. I had to check back when I saw the results… I couldn’t believe this song hasn’t been Song Of The Year before, but it’s that one favourite that’s always beaten by another one even though it secretly is always a favourite of most of us. Thanks to some Facebook campaigning by the band (thanks for that!) and some awareness raised at the Optimist gigs (thanks Claire!), more people than ever voted for this year’s edition. This makes me really happy. I’ve randomly selected the winner and contacted her… She will get her prize sooner than later. Thanks for participating everyone… And without further ado… Here’s the top 40 of this year, with the number one spot going to:

1 (4) Underdog (Save Me)
2 (8) Mind Over Money (2009 winner)
3 (1) The Sea Change (2010 winner)
4 (13) Fishing For A Dream (2008 winner)
5 (7) Painkiller
6 (6) Feeling Oblivion
7 (15) The Road
8 (19) Long Distance (2005, 2007 winner)
9 (18) State Of Things (2006 winner)
10 (3) Dark On Fire
11 (24) Mirror
12 (14) Stone Thrown
13 (25) Emergency 72
14 (42) The Door
15 (61) Last Clown
16 (16) Ether Song
17 (5) Rocket Song
18 (40) Red Moon
19 (50) Come and Go
20 (51) For The Fire
21 (10) Future Boy
22 (29) Last Chance
23 (41) Bye Pod
24 (53) New Star
25 (30) Rain City
26 (32) The Optimist
27 (31) Average Man
28 (17) Forever
29 (52) Little Brother
30 (37) Radio Silence
31 (22) Slack
32 (76) Asleep With The Fireflies
33 (02) Outbursts
34 (44) Paper Heart
35 (69) They Can’t Buy The Sunshine
36 (NEW) Rescue Squad
37 (47) Building Wraps Round Me
38 (65) Over and Over
39 (NEW) Underdog (Sally)
40 (09) Apocolips

So… the list continues further down, but this looks like a proper nice chart, right? Anyway, you could vote for 87 different songs (or versions) this year. But because people could only pick 6 songs, some songs didn’t get ANY love this year. It might also explain why some songs dropped quite a bit down the list, being liked a lot but not in people’s top 6 in general. However, I think the top 40 is pretty good reflection of the awesome songs the boys have released since they started. And if you disagree with that… Well… Better vote for YOUR favourite songs come November 2012… And who knows… We might even have a whole batch of new songs to vote for?

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