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Swimming with Turin Brakes in London

Hampton Pool Summer Picnic Concerts have become a not-to-miss feature of summer in South West London (apparently). And they’re back for 2012, marking ten years since the first concerts at the Pool. Friday July 6, Turin Brakes, the group credited with making folk rock fashionable again, are playing the pool (well a stage next to the pool anyways)… As the press release goes:

They lace their melodic acoustic musings with a healthy dose of indie. Their live shows, with ‘mind blowing vocals and awesome guitar’ are reckoned to be ‘even better than the records’. Find out more at turinbrakes.com and come along to decide for yourselves

Tickets aren’t on sale yet but you can sign up on the website to be notified when they do! Yes! Let’s hope they play Sea Change, eh? And let’s hope it doesn’t Rain, City?


(thanks Evelyn for spotting this!)

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