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Questions on Olly Knights’ solo record

Here are some burning questions and answers on Olly Knights’ solo project after the video trailer arrived yesterday. Photos courtesy of Philip Bloom, btw.

  1. Is this the end of Turin Brakes?
    No it’s not. At least Olly tweeted: “Absolutely not.” This is further evidenced by plans to record another album, the upcoming live dates and Olly tweeting last week that he was recording new Turin Brakes ideas on his iPhone.
  2. When will this project be available, and how?
    Olly tweeted the following information from his brand-new solo Twitter account:

    As for a release date, he tweeted someone ‘sep/oct’ of this year.

  3. Will their be live dates to promote this project? A solo tour perhaps?
    Olly hasn’t ruled this out, but tweeted to someone asking this on Twitter that there’s major TB commitments coming up soon. So maybe later…
  4. What is Gale up to anyway?

  5. How many songs, eh?
  6. There’ll be 11 new songs on the record.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to post them. 🙂 Or ask them on Twitter yourself. Olly’s solo account is here. Also: keep an eye on Philip Bloom’s website.

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