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Olly about TB music videos

Olly has written an insightful and revealing blog post about Turin Brakes music videos. Writing about the stark contrast between industry-commissioned videos and the video for Olly’s solo single If Not Now When, the blog post contains some nice anecdotes on shooting the various TB videos.

It also helps to be free from the pressures and expectations of commercial success. We as a band are operating in a unique niche where we have had a moderately large amount of success we may not have had without those early major label days and giant budgets, but I still believe that much of our experience can and does apply to other artists. We live in truly incredible revolutionary times as filmmakers.

One of the more eyebrow-raising sections is where Olly talks about the 5 Mile shoot, but also in what state the band left EMI: half a million in debt (!).

Read the full piece on Philip Bloom’s blog here.

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