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‘If Not Now When’: pre-order now!

Olly’s solo album is available for pre-order now. You can buy the MP3 download for 7.99 GBP, or the vinyl/cd bundle, which includes the following:

I’ve tried to make the physical version of this album as delicious as possible! If you order it you will get;

  • One heavy weight (180g) 12″ Vinyl album & full colour sleeve.
  • One Enhanced CD in printed card wallet containing both the music for your CD player and an exclusive version of Philip Bloom’s beautiful making of documentary film “If Not Now When (pulling the rip chord)” (just pop it into your computer and follow the title screen)
  • One original lyric sheet, containing the version of the lyrics I wrote before recording.  Extensive liner notes from me about the record.  All in glorious Technicolor with original artwork!
  • Plus you get a free download of the high quality MP3 version upon release while you wait for the postman to deliver, especially handy for orders outside the UK.

Sounds good eh? Watch the documentary by Philip Bloom online here.

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