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Olly to soundtrack ‘Walk Away’ short

Writer and director Danny Lacey has announced that Olly Knights will provide music for his newest short film, called Walk Away. As Danny writes on his website:

I’m so very pleased to announce Olly’s involvement with Walk Away. I’ll be working with Olly over the coming months to talk about the vision, mood and tone of the film, Olly will then start work on writing the songs for this modern musical. It’s fantastic news for the film as Olly’s songwriting style really does suit the direction of film.

The songs that Olly writes will eventually end up in the hands of composer Julian Kershaw (see blog post here), where orchestral and other instrumentation will be added as the songs are mixed ready for inclusion in the film.

We’ll be bringing you updates of the project as it happens, but you can also like the project’s Facebook Page. Let’s hope for some nice new songs, eh?

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