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Album 6 slated for August release

According to the above status update, posted on Facebook and Twitter, it looks like the NEW Turin Brakes album will be released in August.


Schermafbeelding 2013-03-21 om 09.09.07

More importantly though: NEW MUSIC ONLY 5 MONTHS AWAY. Let’s start the countdown.

Song titles that have popped up so far:

Let’s hope that Goodbye song is just a song about saying goodbye btw…

Can anyone make out what’s written here? Here’s my guess…

I think it’s time to be heading back home
???? black ???
You can chalk it up to a false start
Stepped on the rollercoaster
Life gone loop the loop around my heart
I enjoyed my visit, d0n’t think ?? 1 single minute
That I regret even the stuff I forget
It’s time to let it go

I check my pulse as your eyes roll
It may seem absurd but it naturally occured
I was just alert to the time under the dirt
Goodbye, we’re not afraid to die
Just the stuff between…
Catch us in between…

All the junks in space, old tv-shows and radio waves
They become your friends (?), beam you home lost and alone
When you move away, some of you will stay
To drift round these hallways
Waiting to return the sun will burn
Maybe life will find me
Star dust designed me
Goodbye, we’re not afraid to die


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