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New band biography online

The about page on the swooshy new Turin Brakes.com has been updated with the latest biography. As is common with new album releases, a new biography is published that simultaneously tries to chronicle the band’s adventures as well as explain the new album without using sound. And they’ve done a pretty good job:

“Collectively we were driven to make the best possible album that we could. We were determined not to rush into anything. Some records in the past have almost fallen together by luck but this was the first since the Optimist LP where we obsessed over each element. Initially, the four of us went into our studio in Brixton with a set of ideas to play around with. Those ideas could have been the basis of a song or just a couple of chords that we liked. We’d work things through as a band then I’d go off and shape them into songs, add lyrics. Gale as always has more of a hand in production and arrangement but this record represents the first time we’ve written together properly as a band.”


Also, anyone who’s worrying this might be the last album (with songs called We Were Here and Goodbye)… The final paragraph reflects on that possibility.

Arriving as it does after a timely re-evaluation of some of their earliest recordings, Turin Brakes’ superlative sixth album is something of a confident fresh chapter: a wide open door to the band’s next decade.

As the title says, We Were Here.

Next decade? I’m in!

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