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MusicWood heads to London film festival

RaindanceMusicwood, the documentary about the wood used for making acoustic guitars, is heading to the Raindance Film Festival in London. If my information is correct, this means it’s the first time the documentary can been seen in the UK, having toured the US festivals these past seasons. Musicwood is an adventure-filled journey, a political thriller with music at its heart. An unusual band of the most famous guitar-makers in the world (Bob Taylor of Taylor guitars, Chris Martin of Martin Guitars and Dave Berryman of Gibson Guitars) travel together into the heart of one of the most primeval rainforests on the planet. Their mission: to negotiate with Native American loggers and change the way this forest is logged before it’s too late for acoustic guitars. The film will be screened twice during the festival, tickets for the screenings set you back 8 GBP.

The film features Turin Brakes in both interview and music-playing mode. If you want to order a dvd with the documentary instead, the official website is taking pre-orders now.



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