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[Olly Answers] #1: Releasing We Were Here

Counting down to the release of ‘We Were Here’, the 6th Turin Brakes studio album, we’re posting exclusive quotes from our interview with Olly every day up to 30 September 2013. If you like what you read, please share it with a friend or pre-order ‘We Were Here’.

The band have taken a very ‘sharing’ approach to the new ‘We Were Here’ album, releasing tracks, livestreaming a gig… First off, what’s your current state of mind and, secondly, how do you feel about releasing ‘We Were Here’ in this way? 
Pretty wide open, I’ve just finished meditating (don’t laugh). I find it helps put some space between me and my thoughts.
I feel we’re just reacting to where we find ourselves. It used to be that you could put out a single or two and people would check out the album, now those old models are unreliable at best. We can’t rely on old-school media support or label money to spread the word so we have get the music out there by hook or by crook (mostly by HOOK;)
It’s been really lovely to be honest, not clinging on to the new stuff like it’s some guarded treasure. I think we’ve had the most creative start to an album release in years, I just hope it spreads…

So do we! Check back tomorrow when Olly answers a question about his favourite songs on the new album. In the meantime, check out the Album Sampler on Spotify and order  We Were HereCD | LP | iTunes.

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