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[Olly Answers] #3: Working with Turin Brakes again

Counting down to the release of ‘We Were Here’, the 6th Turin Brakes studio album, we’re posting exclusive quotes from our interview with Olly – almost – every day up to 30 September 2013. If you like what you read, please share it with a friend or pre-order ‘We Were Here’. Check out the other [Olly Answers] here.

What was the process like getting back from your ‘home project’ to the bigger size project that is Turin Brakes?

It was fresh again, I really feed off the other guys enthusiasm. If I didn’t think they were into it I’d probably stop so that became my aim when writing: to send G [Gale] and the guys stuff that was making them excited. Then when we got into a room and began playing we further developed the songs as well as G working on them alone, the whole process was open minded and really positive. No one went into it wondering why it was happening, we had all mad up our minds we wanted to aim for the stars.

Let’s hope they succeeded! So far it sounds like they have!

Wondering whether The Optimist Live Tour has influenced the new album? Check back tomorrow! In the meantime, check out the Album Sampler on Spotify and order  We Were HereCD | LP | iTunes.

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