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‘Blindsided Again’ premieres on Rollingstone.com

As if we’re not already spoiled by the premier of Sleeper (live at the Hospital Club) just now, RollingStone.com has premiered an exclusive album track from the new record – Blindsided Again. And it’s awesomely epic. EPIC. There’s so much crazy guitarring going on here. And there’s strings, signature vocals and… Well just listen to it already…

“Lyrically, it’s all about feeling like you’re being sucked into the rat race, becoming part of the herd and mourning your childhood dreams of spacemen and flying fantasies,” singer Olly Knights tells Rolling Stone.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/turin-brakes-get-blindsided-again-song-premiere-20130923#ixzz2fjCxenJ5

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