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Studio version of ‘Sleeper’ premieres at PureVolume

PureVolume has premiered the studio version of Sleeper, after a live version at The Hospital Club premiered at The Guardian earlier this week. The blurb tells how the song came to be:

“‘Sleeper’ was born from a sound check jam before a show, it was one of those divine moments where everyone in the band seemed to have the same idea at the same time. Lyrically, I used an experience with a drunk conspiracy theorist I met in a bar in Iceland for inspiration,” shares Turin Brakes singer/songwriter Olly Knights. “Are you awake he kept asking me? ‘Awake to what?,’ I thought. This song plays on that kind of paranoid idea of reading patterns and subtext into the randomness of the world and choosing to be a passenger or to strike out alone against the robots on the pavement.”



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