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Turin Brakes feature on new Flux Pavillion EP

For those who like their TB like their dubstep, great news… Turin Brakes will be featured on the Freeway EP by Flux Pavillion, scheduled for October. According to the guys “it’s sounding stunning” and “the flux track it’s mega, it’s like mind over money vs Skrillex ;)” but any other details (or previews) are yet to be revealed. We’ll keep you posted! Let’s hope it’ll be massive on the dance floor and shizz. You know. I’m down with it… Aight.

Thankfully, October is not that far away. Flux Pavillion, real name Joshua Steele, is an English dubstep producer and DJ who’s been on the scene since 2008. He’s a massive Turin Brakes fan, which was also mentioned in this profile in The Guardian.

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