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[Olly Answers] #6: Influence of If Not Now When

Counting down to the release of ‘We Were Here’, the 6th Turin Brakes studio album, we’re posting exclusive quotes from our interview with Olly – almost – every day up to 30 September 2013. If you like what you read, please share it with a friend or pre-order ‘We Were Here’. Check out the other [Olly Answers] here.


Did If Not Now When influence We Were Here in any way?
I think it made me want to record on tape again and get away from the cut and paste nature of a computer, G [Gale] pointed out a few years ago to me that some of the songs on Outbursts had never actually been performed from start to finish, that really struck me as not right for this band and that maybe technology needed to be as much a musical choice as which guitar to play.


Check back tonight (!) for Olly talking about the cover art of We Were Here! In the meantime, check out the Album Sampler on Spotify and order  We Were HereCD | LP | iTunes.

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