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[Olly Answers] #8: Working with Ali Staton

Counting down to the release of ‘We Were Here’, the 6th Turin Brakes studio album, we’re posting exclusive quotes from our interview with Olly – almost – every day up to 30 September 2013. If you like what you read, please share it with a friend or pre-order ‘We Were Here’. Check out the other [Olly Answers] here.


Ali Staton was the mixer/producer for this one, can you talk a bit about his influence on the recording process and what it was like working with him? 

He was originally lined up to make The Optimist with us but it didn’t work out. Since then we’ve been on each others radar. He is great because he’s a true old school sound engineer who really understands mic placement and grew up working on analogue tape, but he is also very aware of modern production and mixing techniques, most importantly though he’s a lovely guy to be around in a studio. He never sat down and had enough enthusiasm to last a life time, we all met up a few months before the album and had a great conversation where the idea for the sound of this album was really cemented.

Check back tomorrow to hear about Turin Brakes’ future plans for the tour! In the meantime, check out the Album Sampler on Spotify and order  We Were HereCD | LP | iTunes.

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