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[Olly Answers] #9: Touring plans

Celebrating the release of ‘We Were Here’, the 6th Turin Brakes studio album, we’re posting exclusive quotes from our interview with Olly. If you like what you read, please share it with a friend or order ‘We Were Here’. Check out the other [Olly Answers] here.

Shortly after the release you are going on a massive UK tour. What can fans who attend the show expect? 
The new songs are designed to shine live because that’s in their DNA so we hope it won’t be a lull when the new tracks happen, were aiming for them to be a high point, we’re glad there’s a bit of time between release and tour so people can get the record under their skins…


Check back tomorrow for collaboration teases! In the meantime, check out the Album Sampler on Spotify and order  We Were HereCD | LP | iTunes.

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