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Press roundup: interviews! interviews! interviews!

So there’s been some interviews in local media and such ahead of the tour starting in Exeter today. Here’s some for you:

Brixton Blog – about the influence of their surroundings on the music:

“I always felt like the local environment was influencing some of our tracks musically. Songs “Sea Change” (from Outbursts) and “Ghost” (from Dark On Fire) both had a pace to them that felt like walking down a busy Brixton High Street”.

Pure 107 – Gale and Rob talk on the radio about the Manchester gig, the Time and Money video, working with Ali Staton and more.

“I mean, I couldn’t agree, I don’t know what’s wrong with the charts these days. There’s not enough Turin Brakes in there. We had a lot of people busying around and pushing people about and now they’re pushing other people about and it’s only right they get a chance as well. As you say, we sold millions of records and we’re surviving quite nicely.”


Also: Turin Brakes are filming a session for Vintage TV:

And they’re appearing on UK Undiscovered sometime this week. There’s also sets at Express FM and Coast 1079 that I haven’t been able to track down. So instead, here’s a video of Underdog live at Fopp during the release week.

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