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Support Profile: Kevin Pearce

Support on the UK tour that starts in Exeter today, is singer/songwriter Kevin Pearce. Make sure you get to your gig of choice early enough to catch his set. But first get to know him a little better… Here’s some questions Kevin answered for Ether Site.

Who is Kevin Pearce? 
He is a songwriter / artist from Essex, UK

How would you describe your music? 
Ethereal / Future Folk
What’s the proudest moment in your music career so far? 
Being asked to support Turin Brakes on tour by the guys themselves ! 
What are your plans for the massive tour that you’re embarking upon? 
I’m planning on playing a mix of tunes from both my albums, as well as a couple of new tunes, and the odd , special cover song here and there 😉 
What songs should fans definitely check out before the gig they’re attending (any links?)? 
Have a listen over at:

What song do you most look forward to playing at on tour? 
I like playing ‘Tides’ quite a bit live. Always a fun upbeat one to do.
How well do you know Turin Brakes? Any stories? 
I met the turin Brakes guys at a boutique festival in the summer of 2012. Turned out me and Rob Allum ( TB’s drummer ) had quite a few of the same friends within the music world, and Rob used to be in a band with a close friend of mine too!
Anything else you’d like to share? 
When i was 5 i wanted to be an Archaeologist just because i liked saying the word.

Follow Kevin on Twitter here. Or like him on Facebook.


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