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Merry Christmas – here’s a podcast with live music!

So, a very very very Merry Christmas to you all (Turin Brakes Christmas wish is here)!

To celebrate, I’ve edited the second episode of The Ether’s On-Air for you. It runs little under an hour, but wait! WAIT! It’s mostly live music by our favourite band and just a little bit of talking in between, so I’m sure it will be fine, yes?

Have a good day, and if you can spare a moment in between food and drinks and family fun, please send in your 6 favourite Turin Brakes songs.

1466041_10151718915211836_1492411209_nEpisode 2 (Live in Brighton, Christmas Special) – 26 December 2013

This second episode was recorded at St. George’s Church in Brighton, before the final gig of the We Were Here UK tour on 23 November. It features fellow Turin Brakes fans Shazia and Clinton (pictured) and if you don’t like us talking, fast-forward to 7 minutes in to hear an excellent song by Kevin Pearce live in Brighton and then to 22 minutes in from where you can hear almost 30 minutes of Turin Brakes live in Brighton. I hope you enjoy it, I most certainly did. The songs selected are all from the encores (I only cut a little in the audience cheering, because it went on for MINUTES), since by that time the gig had gone proper mental and epic. People were standing up, dancing and singing along and Kevin Pearce even came back to duet with the band. Also, the encore features both songs from the new album and some oldies, so I figured that’s a good mix. I’ll talk more about this evening in my next Etherish blog (coming very soon!) and have some pics and videos as well.

For now, enjoy the podcast. And apologies in advance for using the F-Word in a church (once) and  my crappy accent. 😉 I fear this is uncensored but mostly suitable for Turin Brakes of all ages. 😛

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