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Happy 2014! Song of The Year is…

2013-11-20 21.10.38Happy 20134 everyone! I hope everyone had a good start of 2014. It’s still a bit weird saying ‘2014’ instead of ‘2013’ but I’ll get used to it eventually.

2013 was a good year, where we got a glorious new album and UK / Germany tour. I hope 2014 can top it. It might be a bit much to ask for more new music, since the new album is only a couple of months old, but hopefully further touring (Europe? Australia? USA?) can spark a little life in this beautiful album that deserves even more attention than it has already received.

This is also clear, I can happily, report in the Song of the Year results for 2013. Thank you for voting everyone, it’s still fun to collect all your votes. I’ve decided to report the results in two parts: right now I’ll reveal the top songs, next week I’ll analyse some interesting stuff and your other answers. I’ve also decided to include some your stories in upcoming blog entries (I’ll be in touch to ask for permission about this).

But right now, let me reveal the results of this year’s voting. The result gives me great joy as I said, because the Ether Site Song of the Year is…


Yes, the “Turin Brakes channel Pink Floyd”-song proved most popular this year. A lot of songs received votes this year, including ALL We Were Here songs! It didn’t prove so lonely at the top this year, as the top 4 songs were all pretty close together. However, Blindsided Again is the clear winner. You can listen to it here.

Here’s the top 40, with last year’s position in brackets:

  1. (NEW) Blindsided Again 
  2. (5) Long Distance (2005, 2007 Winner)
  3. (NEW) Guess You Heard
  4. (NEW) Goodbye
  5. (NEW) Sleeper
  6. (21) Painkiller
  7. (1) Underdog (Save Me) (2011, 2012 Winner)
  8. (NEW) We Were Here
  9. (3) Feeling Oblivion
  10. (NEW) No Mercy
  11. (12) Mind Over Money (2009 Winner)
  12. (2) Fishing For A Dream (2008 Winner)
  13. (8) State Of Things (2006 Winner)
  14. (NEW) Inbetween
  15. (13) Dark On Fire
  16. (10) Ether Song
  17. (34) New Star
  18. (22) Red Moon
  19. (62) Little Brother
  20. (30) The Optimist
  21. (29) Rocket Song
  22. (7) The Door
  23. (18) Bye Pod
  24. (49) Outbursts
  25. (6) Average Man
  26. (16) Never Stops
  27. (55) Time Machine
  28. (NEW) Dear Dad
  29. (43) Jackinabox
  30. (38) Mirror
  31. (9) Radio Silence
  32. (NEW) Part Of The World
  33. (37) Full Of Stars
  34. (25) Last Chance
  35. (11) Last Clown
  36. (19) Emergency 72
  37. (31) Come and Go
  38. (33) Loopa
  39. (58) Something In My Eye
  40. (59) Stalker

(notably missing in this list: The Sea Change, 2010 Winner, ended up at 42, so is not displayed here in the list, Time And Money ended up in 43rd place)

So there you have it! The list! Winner of the bootleg thing has been contacted and now, let’s listen to these songs and make 2014 really awesome! Thank you for your continued support everyone!

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