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We Were Here Too: 5 Turin Brakes collaborations you need to hear

Here on Ether Site we try to cover as much Turin Brakes news as possible, but we do realize that you might not be as obsessive and follow every little link we try to feed you. So from now on, every now and then, we’ll try to present some nice, more comprehensive postings. This time about collaborations that are freely available on the interwebs and show a different side to (some of) our favourite band members. Here’s 5 of them that you need to listen to. Like NOW.


If you like this sort of post or have any suggestions, please let me know and I’ll do some more ;).

1. Cathal Coughlan – Shipman Memorial

This is a pretty fun opening song for Cathal Coughlan’s solo album (formerly of Microdisney). Olly engineered the rhythm section on most of the record and also sang backing vocals, big big backing vocals on a couple of songs. There’s more songs where Olly pops up, therefore, but this one is arguably one of the most accessible.

2. Take That – Here

Is a collaboration still a collaboration if TB don’t end up on the finished product? That’s the case with TB-penned Here, the epic closer of the Circus album by Take That, and in some territories the b-side to the lead single Greatest Day (and therefore the reason I own a Take That single!). The tale of how Turin Brakes got involved in the songwriting for Circus is a frequently recurring subject in radio interviews. The resulting royalties made sure Turin Brakes, in return, could fund making Outbursts on their own terms. The album is all the better for it. The song Here still very much sounds like Olly and Gale… There’s even some mandolin on there, which would enter the world of TB with that Outbursts release. If nothing else, it shows how far TB have come, turning down the chance to write for Robbie Williams somewhere between The Optimist LP and Ether Song era and being professional songwriters come 2009. And totally nailing it.

3. Matthew Ryan – I Still Believe In You

I like this song because it’s so quiet. Olly provides almost whispering backing vocals for this late-night-song. Everything about this is minimalistic. Taken from his album with the brilliant title I Recall Standing As Though Nothing Could Fall. Works best with headphones on.

4. Pete Lawrie – Oh Lover (featuring Turin Brakes)

More singer/songwritery stuff! Pete Lawrie, once a hot-up-and-coming Welsh singer/songwriter, worked with Turin Brakes on various projects and this one is where TB are probably most prominent. Oh Lover never made it onto a release, which usually featured radio-friendly guitar singalongs, but it did make its way onto the internet, featuring slide guitar by Gale and guest vocals from Olly. By now, Pete has moved on to greener pastures under a new monniker, so we might hear from him still. But this is a beautiful piece of music.

5. Flux Pavillion – Mountains and Molehills feat. Turin Brakes (2013)

This epic dubstep song features a great guitar riff that is reminiscent of Mind Over Money. On top of that, it features some great vocals by Olly in a slightly different fashion then we’re used to. But yes, in the end, Turin Brakes made me listen and enjoy dubstep. The world is changing people. And it’s awesome.

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