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Turin Brakes would love to play in Greece

There are many territories in this world TB have yet to conquer, and Greece is apparently high on the list. Turin Brakes contributed their favourite list of albums to a special annual edition of SONIK by Avopolis.gr magazine. This special edition includes everything you will (or should) remember from 2013, musically and Turin Brakes apparently participated in this by listing their favourite albums. While we don’t know what list TB contributed, we do know one comment that they contributed, because it was picked up by media in Greece and manually inserted in Google Translate by me:

We would love to come and play in Greece for all of you, because we did not know until now that we have in common there! really hope you like our new album, We Were Here … “

Yea, I’m not sure whether that got translated correctly so if there’s any fans from Greece reading this, feel free to correct it in the comments section.

Anyway, let’s hope Turin Brakes will visit Greece for some shows at some point, along with other European countries :).

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