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Turin Brakes to write and record song at SXSW

Now here’s some interesting news. Turin Brakes are joining in The Subway Sessions with various other artists to write and record songs on the spot at SXSW this week. The event is organized to celebrate the 1000th broadcast of Acoustic Café, which already took place.

At SXW, Acoustic Café will be working with SongCraft Presents The Subway Sessions at SXSW (presumably taking place at the Subway Square, but this unconfirmed). Artists involved this year are Elizabeth & The Catapult, A.J. Croce, Sage Francis, Matt the Electrician, Blackie & the Rodeo Kings, Turin Brakes, all ready to create brand new songs at SXSW. The Acoustic Cafe will then  discuss the work on Saturday at 12:30 in the Convention Center as a part of this year’s conference. This is apparently open for public as well.

Let’s hope the song surfaces in an online format somehow, because new work by our favourite band is always awesome :).

We’re hoping that THIS Facebook page will provide all the answers. That or Google really. At some point.

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