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Turin Brakes take over Guardian Instagram at SXSW + write new song ‘International’

So, SXSW is generating lots of activity on our favourite band. Olly has started posting photos for the Guardian on Instagram taken at the festival:

Hi everyone! Olly with Turin Brakes here at #SXSW in#Austin today and tomorrow! We will bring you some of the chaos and wonder of this huge melting pot of a festival! You can also follow us on twitter @turinbrakesmany thanks! #guardiancam

#guardiancam We landed in #Austin from NYC last night and strode straight into the madness of #sxsw . This guy was giving out free hugs to all, we immediately understood that this festival seems to be more of a multicultural mash up than most things we’ve experienced in the UK, hip hoppers, Indy kids, emo’s and dreamo’s getting along just fine and dandy!@turinbrakes

And today, the guys have been joining in the previously mentioned Subway Sessions at SXSW, writing and recording a new song, which is called International, according to Acoustic Café, who’s organising the event:


Let’s hope it hits the airwaves soon! 🙂

Tonight, Turin Brakes play their official SXSW set at 1 AM at Sabine Street’s Palm Door. Then tomorrow the guys play another set at Waterloo Records (this one is free entry and will be livestreamed here).

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