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CONTROVERSY! Coldplay steals ‘Painkiller’ video ;)

So yea. One scene in Coldplay’s new Magic video bears a striking resemblance to the best-known Turin Brakes video: Painkiller. As Jeanne (thanks for the heads-up) points out in the tweet below, there’s one pivotal scene that comes straight out of Turin Brakes’ hit video. The band can’t claim they don’t Turin Brakes, since they played together at an Italian festival in 2003. YES!


In Coldplay’s Magic video, the evil guy in the video is levitating up in the air thanks to some “Magic” (I see what you did there!) from Chris Martin. While the story has nothing to do with the Painkiller video (which I still don’t quite understand to this very day, but definitely is full of levitating people), the scene – but in black and white – looks like a carbon copy. Even with shots of the other people in the video looking up afterwards! COMPARE:

Painkiller video:
Schermafbeelding 2014-04-07 om 20.20.09

Magic video:
Schermafbeelding 2014-04-07 om 20.25.00

(Those screenshots maybe should be the other way round! I can’t even tell!)

“Call it Magic?” I call it STEALING!

So… YES! Let’s sue them! Or make every Coldplay fan buy a copy of We Were Here. I bet they’d love it!

Yes, let’s do that!

So if you’re a Coldplay fan, please pay your dues and buy a copy of We Were Here HERE. NOW!

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