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Watch: the full Optimist live gig from Brighton, 2011

The Optimist Live

Now here’s a good way to wake up… One Nick Driftwood has uploaded a full filmed gig from The Optimist Live tour, recorded on the closing night in Brighton. Dedicating it to TB keyboard player (rarely seen live these days, unfortunately, but he plays on We Were Here too) Little Phil he writes:

This is for the Brakes fans out there! Here’s an acoustic gig I filmed a few years back in Brighton (never released) – The Optimist LP recorded live in a Brighton Church – done mainly on a bunch of hacked Panasonic GH2’s, Ive rendered it out at 720p for Vimeo as the 1080p version is over 30 gigs big. 
At least now there’s a record of the gig available on the internet for the many who requested it. And fuck it – I don’t care what people think about the shots & the edit – this is good ol’ honest rock ‘n’ roll as it happened in real time. Nice n Edgey!

All songs copyright the Turin Brakes and Astralwerks.


Wouldn’t mind watching it on full HD but 720 will do nicely ;). So don’t think this is just one camera angle or crappy quality: this is the best Turin Brakes live recording I’ve ever seen and it features rare gems from the guys that were only played on that tour.

Thanks Joe Smith for the tip and making my weekend (your e-mail doesn’t work though)!

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