New interview with Global Texan Chronicles

In a recent interview with Global Texan Chronicles, Gale talks a bit about jamming with other artists and future plans:

How are you doing today? At the moment you´re taking a little break from touring. Are you giving yourselves a few moments of rest or are you doing other kinds of work?

We pretty much always have a gig lined up… gigs can be very fulfilling its the best bit really . We have started to do writing / jamming sessions with other upcoming artists. We used to always say no but these days I think of it as being a builder building a wall – you get to look back at the end of the day and see something that didn’t exist this morning , you might love it or not, it might be a very important wall that could end up building a house or it could just be a wall  but mainly it didn’t exist this morning and you could only have built it with those people there.

Let me ask you straight are you in the state of planning, writing or recording something new already?

I guess we’re  planning. We pretty much know when and how. There’s always stuff being written. We just have to pinpoint a final destination to aim at.

The whole interview by Claudia Price is worth a read :). So check it!

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