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WIN a Telefunken Microphone by remixing ‘International’

AskVideo has released a series of videos about the creation of International, the song Turin Brakes wrote at SXSW this March. In 25 course videos you get taken through the process, from the writing to the mixing in Logic. It features the band, as can be witnessed in several of the preview videos, both talking about writing and doing the actual writing. Unfortunately, to view all these videos, you have to sign up for a paid membership for Ask Video.

Or you could try to win the remix contest, where you could WIN a Telefunken Microphone. The latest AskVideo SongCraft Remix Contest requires you to create a FREE account at AskAudioMag, download the stems, remix & submit your work before end of September 21st, 2014 on Soundcloud.

Then you could win either a funky Telefunken microphone or 6 or 3 months of access to AskVideo.

Apparently, Turin Brakes will pick the winning remix themselves, so that’s pretty awesome stuff for you there. GO REMIX!

We’ll keep an eye on whatever’s being uploaded if there are any nice ones, we’ll feature them here!

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