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Video: ‘Bedlam’ featuring Olly Knights

Kevin Pearce has premiered the lovely animated video of the track Bedlam, featuring the one and only Olly Knights and the amazing Tom McRae. It’s always been a dream of me to hear Turin Brakes and Tom McRae collaborating and this is as close as it gets for now. Kevin supported Turin Brakes on the We Were Here UK tour last year.

Bedlam is taken from Kevin Pearce’s upcoming album Dynamite, the title track (available from iTunes) currently gets played regularly on BBC Radio 2’s Janice Long show. As it happens, Turin Brakes bass legend Eddie Myer plays bass on Kevin’s new record so we’ll be covering some more of its release (on 3 November) soon.

Kevin is playing several dates across the UK and The Netherlands soon. Join him on Facebook for the latest.

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